Coaches Bio's

 #10 John Michael Collins
        Position: Head Coach
           Hometown: Monroe, LA
           Alma Mater: McNeese State University
           Graduating Year: 2010
           Experience: 15 Years
           Career Record 
(4 Seasons): 104-73
SLC Record(4 Seasons): 91-57
           4-3A District Coach of the year: 2016, 2018
           LBCA 3A State Coach of the Year: 2017

The Coach's File
           Years at SLC: 4th Year
           Birthdate: 10/20/83
           Wife: Stephanie
           Children: Camille

Playing Experience:
           2002-2003- ULM 

Coaching Career:
           2002-04- Ouachita High (Asst. FB & BB)
           2005-06- Airline High (Asst. FB & BB)
           2006-09- Southwood High (Asst. FB & BB)
           2009-11- Sulphur High ( Asst. FB & BB)
           2011-12- Barbe High ( Asst. FB & BB) 2012 Baseball State Champions
           2012-13- Alexandria Senior High ( OC & Head Baseball)
           2013-14- Jennings High ( Asst. FB & BB)
           2015 - Present - SLC 
 #21 Jason Mouton
        Position: Pitching Coach
           Hometown: New Iberia, LA
           Alma Mater: LSU Shreveport
           Graduating Year: 2014
           Experience: 3 years

The Coach's File:
           Years at SLC: 4th Year
           Birthdate: 1/21/91

Playing Career:
           2010-2014- LSUS 

Coaching Career:
            2016-Present- SLC
 #2 Aaron Stanley
            Position: Hitting/Infield
                Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
                Alma Mater: McNeese State University
                Graduating Year: 2006
                Experience: 5 Years

The Coach's File
                Years at SLC: 3rd Year
                Birthdate: 7/27/84
Coaching Career:
                2002-03- Hamilton Christian Academy
                2015-16- LaGrange High
                2017-Present - SLC
#8 Cameron Fontenot
Position: Asst. Hitting/Outfielders
                Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
                Alma Mater: St. Louis Catholic (McNeese State)
                Graduating Year: 2017
                Experience: 1 Year

The Coach's File
                Years at SLC: 2nd Year
                Birthdate: 1/18/99
Coaching Career:
 #14 Alex Prince
                Position: Strength & Conditioning/Catchers
                Hometown: Monroe, LA
                Alma Mater: Neville High School (ULM)
                Graduating Year: 2015
                Experience: 3 Years

The Coach's File
                Years at SLC: 1st Year
                Birthdate: 7/20/96

Playing Career:
                2015-2016-ULM (FB)

Coaching Career
                2017-2018-Neville High School
                2019-Present SLC
 Tim Aguillard
                Position: JV Coach
                Alma Mater: McNeese State
                Graduating Year: 1989
                Experience: 0 Years

The Coach's File
                Years at SLC: 1st Year
                Birthdate: 4/4/67
                Wife: Susan
                Children: Alaina, Jack (SLC Player 2013-16), Will (SLC Player 2015-18), Ella

Playing Career: 
                1985-Southwest MS JC
                1988-Nicholls State

Coaching Career:
  Ken Ortego
            Position:  Director of Baseball Ops / SID
                Hometown: Creole, LA
                Alma Mater: McNeese State University
                Graduating Year: 1987
                Experience: 9 Years

The Coach's File
                Years at SLC: 8th Season
                Birthdate: 6/5/64
                Wife: Cindy
                Children: Daniel (SLC  Player 2012-2015)
Broadcasting Career: 2011 - Present - SLC Baseball
                                  2013 - Present - SLC Football